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Benefits of Sod

Benefits of Sod

15 Apr 2020

Why Sod?

Adding sod to your lawn is the easiest and fastest way to establish a lawn and it’s all in the prep work. A year is spent growing seeds into the sod that is ready to be installed at your home and shows maturity. When following a proper maintenance routine your lawn can be ready for use in 3 weeks. Sodding is easier than seeding because it allows the lawn to be used in 2 to 4 weeks as seeds can take up to 2 – 3 weeks to germinate. Although seeding may initially cost less at the beginning, additional costs may recur due to reseeding, erosion and watering.

Adds Value to Your Home

Did you know that a well landscaped yard can add 15-20% value to your home? Clean and soft grass is the perfect play surface for children and pets of all ages.


Sod is installed at full maturity and immediately works to control erosion. Sod is also known to be a great option on slopes and steep hills for stabilization.

Reduce Heat

Lastly, sod can help reduce heat. That’s right, in the middle of the summer a lawn can be up to 30 degrees cooler than artificial turf, asphalt, concrete and rock. And even 15 degrees cooler than bare soil. Fresh grass will help the air quality! 2,500 Square feet of sod can absorb carbon dioxide and release enough oxygen for a family of four to breathe! Adding sod to your yard can help muffle the sounds from outside as well as help keep dirt and dust outside where it belongs.

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