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Brown Spots in Simpsonville Sod

Brown Spots in Simpsonville Sod

16 Jun 2020

What causes brown spots?

With summer in full effect a lot of yards may be wondering why their new Simpsonville sod already has brown spots. This is normally linked to a lack of water supply. Younger sod is prone to drying out faster because of the short root system in place. It is typical for the edges of sod to dry out first because of exposure to moist air.  Simpsonville sod can go into dormancy to combat the lack of watering it is receiving. Even while the grass is dormant it still needs to be watered to stay alive.

Why is new sod more prone to brown spots?

New sod is still maturing meaning the root system is approximately ¾ of an inch deep. Different weather factors such as hot air and wind can also cause the grass to dry out sooner. The roots need a chance to establish deeper into the ground to access the water. This can take 6-8 weeks for Simpsonville sod root system to mature enough to take water from the ground. In the meantime it is important to stay on top of watering it.

How to fix the brown spots in sod.

Now that we dove into what causes your sod to brown the next step is understanding how to address it. Simply answered…water. Watering your grass year round is what will keep it healthy and alive. The most vital time to water is within the first 8 weeks your Simpsonville sod is installed. Watering at night is a great idea because it allows it to be absorbed into the grass instead of evaporating in the heat of the day. 

Will fertilizer fix it?

Fertilizer has its time and place after your grass is green and healthy again, but it won’t help with bringing it back to life. The fertilizer actually won’t take if the sod is dying. When your sod is healthy, fertilizer will help it grow and establish a deeper root system.

If you have questions on how to keep your sod looking healthy and green after your sod installation Simpsonville, call or email us today.

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