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It’s All In The Prep Work – Benefits of a Harley Rake

It’s All In The Prep Work – Benefits of a Harley Rake

10 Dec 2021

We use a Harley Rake, mounted on an MT55 Bobcat to help prep most of our yards for sod. This machine allows us to break up hard soil which allows for better root growth and better absorption of soil treating chemicals. This is important, the roots from sod laid on hard packed ground will not penetrate the soil deeply. The first time the sod is stressed in hot or dry weather, it will show signs of that stress. These signs include yellowing and thinning or shriveling of blades of grass and can lead to die-off.

Also, soil amendments that are not properly absorbed and worked in can harm the new growing roots by burning or being to strong for them. This Harley Rake also allows us to fix small grading issues in the yard, while larger equipment and drainage may need to be brought in to fix larger grading challenges.

The Harley Rake does allow us to skim down high areas and fill in low spots to avoid water pooling and to make a more pleasing level-looking lawn. The MT-55 is a lighter weight machine and is mounted on tracks which allows us access to most small backyards and does minimal damage to existing turf in the process.