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New Home Sod Installation |  Spartanburg

New Home Sod Installation | Spartanburg

09 Feb 2022

So you have a new home and looking for New Home Sod Installation, but the builder just tossed some straw across the yard with some seed. We are sorry about that, we are working hard to meet some of those builders and educate them and even work with them to deliver a SodPro Yard.

What is a SodPro Yard? Great question! Take a look at one of our most recent projects.
This newly constructed home looked good, but now looks fantastic. Before laying down the sod, our team went through the needed process to test the soil, learn what it was lacking and work that into our SodPros Soil Steroids. One of the key ingredients leads to root growth, which leads to a healthier yard.

When it comes to New Home Sod Installation, SodPros Landscaping should be your first call to learn all that is needed to do it right the first time. We promise next level sod installation, not the straw and seed method.

Request a no cost site inspection and discover the pros, SodPros Landscaping.