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Spring Lawn Success Tips

Spring Lawn Success Tips

30 Apr 2020

Spring is here and it’s time for a few spring lawn success tips! With the sun out and mother nature watering the grass, everything is beginning to green up. Now is the time to get a jump on our lawn and with more time at home we are able to give the much needed attention our lawn needs. Here are some helpful tips to have the best looking spring lawn on the block.


Aeration is an important part of spring lawn care because it helps open up the soil for your lawn to get more nutrients. Aerating also helps remove thatch. It is recommended to aerate your lawn during the spring months because your lawn is no longer dormant which helps with the flow of oxygen and water to the root system. This helps create a healthier spring lawn.


After you aerate your lawn the next step is to mow. Mowing helps to thicken your lawn and promote new growth. Cutting off the top dead layer of grass that was dormant gives the new grass more room to grow. Mowing also helps more sunlight to reach the ground, which warms up the soil and stimulates growth. Another benefit to mowing is that it helps dissipate the dirt plugs left over from aerating.


Fertilizing your lawn gives grass the nutrient it needs to grow thicker and stronger. Soil can lose its natural nutrients which is why fertilizing is important and will help your lawn flourish in the hot summer months. It is also recommended to fertilize when your grass is completely dry. If you lay down fertilizer on wet grass it can actually stick to the blades and burn your lawn instead of nourishing it.


Lastly, you want to water your lawn. It is important to watch what mother nature is doing. You never want to overwater your lawn so if you are in the middle of a lot of rain storms, turn off your sprinklers and save on your water bill too.

By investing a little time in your spring lawn will help set you up for success in the summer. By following the above steps, you will help your lawn grow stronger and fuller.

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